Mobility in Crotone

Following the mobilities held in Zagreb and Kaunas, the 3rd and final Learning Teaching and Training Activity (LTTA) of the CiELO Project was held in Crotone, Italy, from May 2 to May 6, 2023. The ITI Guido Donegani, welcomed the students and teachers from the other schools participating the project: V. Gimnazija (Croatia), Domeikavos Gimnazija, […]

CiELO 2nd LTTA in Lithuania

From February 6-10, at Domeikavos Gymnasium, there were teaching and learning activities among partners of the Erasmus+ project CiELO. In Italian, “cielo” means “sky.” The project focuses on aspects of sustainable economic development, water and soil pollution issues. We aim to educate students on the responsible use of natural and man-made resources. As stated in […]

My perspective on Flipped Classroom, Laura Oniga, Romania

I believe that introducing new ways of learning is a good start in motivating students to get more involved in their own education, not just but engaging them, but also making it easier to accomplish, because after all education is very important and stays at the base of humankind progress. In our country, the educational […]

My perspective on Flipped Classroom, Țăran Carla, Romania

I think independent learning, where students are the ones researching different subjects, is unquestionably an important skill for any learner to acquire, particularly among students. In a flipped classroom, we get our initial information on our own time, at home, usually through video content. This allows us, as students, to become accustomed to the self-study […]

My Flipped Classroom Learning Experience Erasmus+, Oláh Vivien, Romania

As most students don’t know, flipped classroom is an instructional strategy and a type of blended learning which aims to increase students’ engagement and learning by having readings at home and work on live problem-solving during class times. This teaching method moves activities, including those that may have traditionally been considered homework, into the classroom. […]

My Flipped Classroom Learning Experience, Amalia Ducu, Romania

Our current education system is rather rigid and most lessons follow the same pattern: teachers pass on their knowledge to the students while they have to follow, write down and later reproduce said knowledge. Strict curricula structure must be followed, student’s knowledge is validated by tests and concluded by performance and grades. When the teachers […]

CiELO an innovative approach to learning

Impact The Flipped classroom approach provides the method of teaching in a broad sense. From a passive participant, the student becomes an active creator and constructor of their knowledge with increased involvement and mentoring. Not only can students teach each other, they can learn in teams and pairs, present the topic under research to the […]

The students’ training final step at the I. T. I. Donegani

Despite the Covid-19 epidemic and its restrictions, the CiELO project activities are proceeding profitably. The students of the I.T.I. Donegani concluded their training last week after two flipped classroom activities: PFI and TTI. TTI: Ted Talk Interaction Another activity the students performed was the Ted Talk Interaction. Each student was asked to give a two […]